Ignite Payments

Ignite Payments
* LinkPack 3000 (Demo Unit)

Global Gateway International combines the technology of the Global Gateway 3000 and the PrintPoint 3000 in the LinkPack 3000, a comprehensive integrated transaction processing tool designed to meet the heavy demands of today's merchants. With the LinkPack 3000, merchants enjoy-in one convenient, affordable package-the increased transaction capacity, enhanced functionality and heightened security of the Global Gateway 3000, along with the ease of use and high performance of the PrintPoint 3000.

High performance at an affordable price Better merchant profit margins and sales opportunities; superior reliability
Password protection from unauthorized downloads Increased merchant retention and tracking
Supports multiple languages Market expansion opportunities
Compact design for base or wall mounting
Wall-mount capability eliminates counterspace clutter
Easy-to-read, two-line, multilingual backlit display panel
Better merchant understanding and more flexibility
Clearly labeled dedicated function keys to process standard transactions
No need to refer to the overlay for standard transactions; easier to locate the desired transaction on the keyboard
Three green-colored screen-addressable keys
Increased convenience in selecting desired options for transactions and local functions
Single keyboard overlay
No need to produce and stock separate overlays for different industries
Preprint and predial capability Faster overall transaction times from card swipe to receipt printing
Transaction security via manager password Flexibility for the owner or manager to control access to certain sensitive transaction information
Provides credit authorization and draft capture, plus ATM/debit and check guarantee One device provides all standard processing options and needs
Calculator function Basic calculations can be performed directly via the keyboard, eliminating the need to have a separate calculator on hand
Modular peripheral support allows connectivity to other manufacturers' products (printers, PIN pads, check readers, etc.) Compatibility to products that the merchant may already be using increases the sales opportunities
High-speed printing (20 lines per second) Faster transaction time
Thermal printer technology Prints crisp, legible receipts and reports quickly, reliably and quietly
Simple drop-in paper-loading system Virtually eliminates paper jams
Small footprint and wall-mounting capability; modular design compatible with several point-of-sale (POS) terminals Eliminates counterspace clutter
Configuration button accesses easy-to-follow printer-settings menu Simplifies printer configuration
Steady green LED indicates device is ready to print; flashing green LED warns user of a printer problem Straightforward way of troubleshooting issues
Thirteen international character sets Prints receipts in different languages