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Accept Credit Cards on Your Mobile Phone.

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Why Us ?
Secure Mobile Transaction Processing.
Make more sales.
Lower cost swipe rates.
Real-Time Processing.
Easy to use and set up.
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Empowering Payments Anywhere

Ignite Payments is the perfect Point of Sale(POS) Software for any merchant conducting business in a mobile environment. With Ignite Payments, empower your phone to accept payments; transforming your everyday phone into a complete wireless Credit Card Terminal.

Hassle Free

Installation couldn't be easier! Wirelessly download Ignite Payments Mobile Payment Solutions, enter your merchant profile, and you are up and running in a matter of minutes. Ignite Payments Smartphone Edition can be installed on most Android™ 1.5+, Apple® iOS®, BlackBerry® 4.1+, Windows Mobile® 5.0+ and J2ME™ devices.


Ignite Payments eliminates the need to carry a phone and a POS terminal. True to the name of the software, you will be able to accept credit card payments Anywhere, Anytime.Lower your processing cost with a swiped rate with the optional Blue tooth printer/MSR.

Ignite Payments industry specific software is customized for the following industries:
Retail, Restaurant, QSR, Towing, Limo/Taxi, and Delivery.

Capture and download mission critical business data above and beyond traditional credit card data such as invoice number, employee number, tips, tolls and more! QuickBooks® users can import data from the ComsGate® Payment Gateway, eliminating time-consuming data entry.


Our services let you multiply your sales; accept credit cards; ATM/debit cards and checks; expand your customer base; and increase your cash flow.
  • Process All Cards.
  • Accept Checks.
  • Process credit cards over the telephone.
  • PIN-secured and signature debit.
  • Electronic benefits transfer (EBT).
  • Gift cards, purchasing cards (levels II and III).
  • All Web-based, e-commerce transactions.
  • Get help 24/7.
  • Accept purchasing cards
  • Reduce Chargebacks
  • Reduce losses
  • Protect yourself from fraud
Ignite Payments provides a wide range of value-added and cost-effective products and services.