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* Merchant Technical Inputs

* Buy the hardware or software you need at the right price. You need to determine your specific software and hardware needs. You can run the necessary transaction software on your PC. You may not need a POS (point of sale) terminal.

A number of merchant account providers offer integrated systems (turnkey solutions) that include each of these components, as do hosting companies and E-commerce solution providers, which bundle merchant accounts and other services into their packages. It is of the essence to ask merchant account provider what kind of software is required, if the merchant account provider does not offer integrated services. Your hardware and software requirements will be based on your payment processing method (batch or real-time) and business needs. You will require payment gateway software to authorize and process the credit card number in real-time payment processing.

Your existing technology solutions may include the provision of an Internet merchant account. As a result, before you go to a bank or ISO, review the package that you have with your hosting company or E-commerce provider. If the package includes an Internet merchant account, evaluate what it comprises and ensure it is acceptable for your business.

For example, when you decide to sell online, you should take into consideration choosing the right merchant account service provider. You also need a storefront solution to enable customers to send orders, a payment system to process transactions, and a payment gateway to securely process payments as they travel from a customer’s site to your site.