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* MasterCard Merchant Account

* Businesses that offer credit to customers have a better survival and growth rate in the market as compared to others. Today credit card payments have become a habit for customers. Most of the purchases are done by credit cards. If credit cards are not accepted, in all probabilities, you are going to lose your customer to your competitor. So if you want to do a favor to yourself and not to the competition, be flexible enough and provide that option to the customer where he can make a payment by his credit card

Credit cards can be either Visa or Master or Diners or any other. Lets understand more about Master card payments. For accepting a Master card payment, one needs a merchant account that has to be set up and a payment gateway. This Master card merchant account will enable customers to use their master cards while making a payment. There are 2 manners in which this can be used

1) Where a card is available physically and
2) Where the card is not physically available

In the first scenario, one can use a swipe card machine where the card is swiped and the shopkeeper gets a confirmation from the merchant account about the availability of balance in the customers account and payment is accepted

In the second scenario where the card is not physically available which happens mainly in E commerce trade or online business, the customer has to provide the credit card number which helps to verify the same as above and accordingly the payment is accepted or rejected. Here the Master card merchant account will connect with the payment gateway and reconfirm the availability of balance in the master card. However the entire procedure is possible only if master cards are accepted and the merchant account service provider has provided the option of a master card.

Today Master cards are widely used by most of the individuals and its impossible to ignore having a master card merchant account. They are as popularly used as any other credit card like the Visa card hence a master card merchant account is widely used