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Ignite Payments
Accepting bankcards-such as MasterCard and Visa-encourages consumer purchasing and stimulates customer impulse buying, which can help you grow your business. Noncash purchase payment is an important option for both traditional and Internet businesses.

* In association with MasterCard and Visa, Ignite Payments is licensed to perform various duties on behalf of our member banks, including accepting merchant drafts, using agents and sales representatives to market our products and services, and providing outstanding customer service to merchants.

* ATM/debit cards provide merchants with an additional way to accept noncash payments from their customers and capture impulse purchases. ATM/debit cards stimulate buying and are particularly useful for customers who do not have credit cards and would otherwise have to pay by check or not purchase at all.

* Noncash payment options are a must for today’s businesses, and bankcards are the most popular credit cards for customer purchases.

* Information about the MasterCard and Visa rules and regulations are available in the Cardservice International Merchant Agreement.