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* Selecting the right payment processing method

* One can choose between two types of payment receipt:
  • Manual Payment Processing

  • Real Time Payment Processing
Manual payment processing is the process where the credit card number is submitted through the phone. This is done either by contacting the payment processing company to verify the validity of the card or by keying the card manually at the sales terminal.

Real time payment processing lets make the payment processing completely automated so as there will be no need for the operator to handle payments. It is a process, where the credit card is automatically processed once the customer submits the number. As soon as the credit card is authorized the funds are transferred from the customers account to the retailers account.

Manual payment processing is suitable when the number of orders processed per day is not great. Any significant increase in the transactions number will make manual processing too extensive and inconvenient. Therefore manual processing can be time consuming, but is relatively risk free due to complete control of the merchant during the entire process. The payment processing time taken will be more then what real time payment processing will take.

Real time payment processing is quick and is ideal for businesses where a large number of transactions take place.

The volume of transactions is the most crucial part. Study the present state of the business and also the kind of transactions that you expect in future. Make this your basis in choosing the right kind of payment processing service.