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* Instant Merchant Accounts

* In the true sense of the word, Merchant Accounts are really instant. They allow you to accept credit card payments almost instantly after you order a Merchant Account.

A Visa or a Master merchant account can be set up instantly within hours. The set up process is hassle free and you can start accepting transactions minutes after it is setup.

Majority of customers also have begun opting for online payments because their payment is processed instantly and ensures faster delivery of the product or service. The instant nature of the merchant account also ensures that more orders can be processed in the stipulated time frame thus bringing in higher profits. The merchant account is not complicated and is very easy to operate.

Even from a customer’s perspective, a merchant account is instant as it helps them make purchase decision and honor them instantly.

Therefore businesses with online payment options thrive in the marketplace; they attract substantially more business than those without payment gateways do. Having your business enabled with a merchant account creates instant trust from potential customers about your establishment.