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Ignite Payments
* Paper’s Out! Plastic’s In!

* That’s what you can tell your valued customers about plastic gift cards vs. paper gift certificates when you start your own gift card program!

* Features and Benefits

*   Gift Cards Help Increase Revenue at YOUR Store!

* Gift cards increase revenue and generate two to 10 times more sales than paper certificate programs.

Purchases made with a gift card are 20 to 50% higher than the average ticket.

* Brand Awareness and Customer Loyalty

* Build your brand. The customer is reminded of your store every time they open their wallet and see your card.

* Gift cards undoubtedly bring in new customers, new store traffic, increased revenue and incremental sales.

* Cards can be reloaded with value, creating a loyal customer and ensuring repeat business. Customers like plastic; switching from a paper-based to a card-based gift program results in higher customer participation.

* Gift cards Keep Money in YOUR Store!

* Gift cards can be used as a store credit and refund alternative.

* Reduces Fraud! Cards are only valid when activated through your terminal.

* Gift Card Terminal Types Supported:

* Eclipse® and LinkPoint® AIO (All In One)

* Start your own gift card program today!

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