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* Global Gateway Wrappers

LinkPoint Wrappers Global Gateway International has developed several integration tools or wrappers that allow developers with expertise in other programming languages, software platforms and application environments to quickly integrate with the First Data Global Gateway payment gateway .

* Global Gateway COM  Component object model (COM), a technology developed and used by Microsoft and its partners, is particularly compatible with the Windows NT system, succeeding as a virtual drop-in solution. The Global Gateway COM is an in-process server supporting a single-threaded apartment (STA) model, enabling the implementation of transaction processing methods in the following languages:

  • Visual Basic
  • HTML/VBScript
  • Active server pages (htm)
  • Microsoft SiteServer Commerce Edition
  • Other languages that support COM technology

* Global Gateway Perl
The Global Gateway Perl wrapper is a common scripting language written for UNIX and Windows systems used by many e-commerce developers. Perl is freeware; the only cost incurred for integration is the Global Gateway Perl wrapper software. Operating systems compatible with Global Gateway Perl wrapper are identical to those compatible with Global Gateway Select.

* Global Gateway ColdFusion Tag
ColdFusion is a server-based scripting solution produced by Allaire Corporation. The Global Gateway ColdFusion Tag is available for Windows NT. It is a custom tag that can be simply imported into a ColdFusion server environment.

* Global Gateway PHP
The Global Gateway PHP wrapper is written in personal hypertext processor language and embeds the functionality provided by Global Gateway API directly into the merchant's Web server. The operating systems compatible with the Global Gateway PHP wrapper are identical to those that are compatible with Global Gateway API .

* Global Gateway iHTML Tag
Inline Internet Systems, Inc., has developed a custom iHTML tag, which is very similar to the ColdFusion tag. For more information, please visit the Inline Internet Systems Web site at ihtml.com.