Start Accepting Credit Cards

* LinkPoint Central

First Data Global GatewaySM, Central provides one secure location where merchants can manage everything related to transaction processing, from running secure transactions or setting up their Web sites to run transactions. With First Data Global GatewaySM, Central, merchants can review transaction reports, get technical support and help.

First Data Global GatewaySM, Central incorporates two of the main processing products, First Data Global GatewaySM, Basic and Virtual LinkPoint, and makes them easily accessible in one central location.
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* Virtual LinkPoint empowers merchants with the Internet equivalent of a point-of-sale (POS) terminal and software without the hassle or expense of hardware/software maintenance. Ideal for the merchant who requires a PC-based solution, Virtual First Data Global GatewaySM, enables merchants to process credit card transactions via any Internet-connected computer. Its innovative system processes customer orders received from a Web site, telephone, fax, mail or e-mail, then generates sales, returns, real-time authorizations and reports through the First Data Global GatewaySM, Secure Payment Gateway.

* First Data Global GatewaySM Basic is a payment-posting tool that uses HTML. Ideal for merchants with Web sites,   First Data Global GatewaySM, Basic HTML script can be easily integrated to enable secure payment processing to the LinkPoint Secure Payment Gateway. In addition, First Data Global GatewaySM Basic supports sales, returns, real-time authorizations, purchasing cards and real-time reports.

*    First Data Global GatewaySM, Central also supports First Data Global GatewaySM VirtualCheck, a value-added enhancement that allows merchants to accept and process electronic check payments using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.