Start Accepting Credit Cards

* Online Card Safety

* Your service provider should ideally offer merchants tips that help reduce fraud. State-of-the-art online payment gateways, such as the LinkPoint Secure Payment Gateway, that enable merchants to process transactions securely over the Internet is a key. A secure online payment gateway and sophisticated encryption technology should be available to negate chances of credit card fraud.

Also, choosing a service that you feel will work with your business is the key. Your internal resources will influence the type of services you need from your provider. For instance, if you lack technical resources, then it would benefit you to select a merchant account provider that focuses on customer service and can work closely with you.

Most card frauds occur largely owing to identity theft. For minimizing credit card frauds, be careful before you reveal any personal information. Check out how it will be used and whether it will be shared with others.

Whether you host your own site or house it on the server of a web hosting company, it is important to ensure you have security measures in place to protect sensitive information. The majority of web sites use SSL (secure sockets layer), an encryption program that will encrypt credit card information during the transaction process. You should also ensure you have redundancy systems in place and clear service level agreements with your provider, which provide a complete description of the services it is obligated to deliver.

For privacy policy (Credit card associations, such as Visa and MasterCard, have special requirements with respect to your Web site, including the requirement that you post a privacy policy and protect your customer data. It's a wise idea to ask about company's privacy policy. Find out whether you will have a choice about the use of your information. Ask questions like: can you choose to have it kept confidential?

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