Start Accepting Credit Cards

* Purchasing Cards

More companies today authorize and control corporate purchases by placing purchasing cards in the hands of their employees. Increase customer loyalty and achieve preferred supplier status by offering processing capabilities specifically tailored to their corporate needs. Purchasing card acceptance provides value-added service to your customers.

* Ignite Payments offers the Business Connect Plan, which provides a cost-saving solution for companies that use purchasing cards to buy supplies and services from other vendors. The service itself is a software package that streamlines the internal ordering and payment process in business-to-business (B2B) purchase card transactions. Ignite Payments merchants reap an enormous benefit by accepting these cards as it helps improve their accounts receivable because they are normally paid within 48 hours of the transaction, reduces their paperwork, and helps give them tighter controls over their customer retention.

* The Business Connect software provides multiple prompts for added levels of discount information and security, including the merchant name, tax identification number, merchant type, merchant category code, purchase amount with sales tax, sales tax amount and customer code.

* Ignite Payments offers three purchasing card payment solutions that enable suppliers to accept all major purchasing cards from their buyers. Merchant suppliers also benefit from Ignite Payments's 24/7 customer support.

* Level II