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* Today's powerful hardware and software programs simplify merchant payment solutions in traditional or Internet environments. Whether you're processing online transactions or point-of-sale credit cards at a restaurant, you can quickly and effectively complete your customer's purchase.

* Our First Data Global GatewaySM payment gateway suite of products provides powerful business tools that are designed to improve payment processing and decrease the transaction time. We have specifically chosen products to help you, the small to medium-size business owner.

* Whether it is Internet software, a point-of-sale terminal, or mobile equipment, our solutions help you organize your transactions, and help manage an Internet business, mail order company, or restaurant.


Global GatewaySM Central allows merchants to manually enter credit card transactions via a PC browser, through a secure connection to the Internet.

First Data Global GatewaySMpayment gateway allows merchants to sell securely from their Web sites, enabling customers to purchase products or services online with their choice of credit card or electronic check.

Global GatewaySM VirtualCheck ™ enables customers to pay for their online purchases with a secure electronic check.

Global GatewaySM API enables software companies and electronic service providers to add encrypted security capabilities, as well as tax and shipping calculation features, to their products or custom storefronts.

Global GatewaySM Wrappers are integration tools that merge with the First Data Global GatewaySM payment gateway .

Global GatewaySM Cart is an inexpensive, yet robust, shopping cart solution. You do not need to understand HTML forms and no CGI programming is required.

Brick & Mortar

Eclipse® Terminal/Printer is the only terminal capable of supporting electronic check acceptance transactions.

Linkpoint AIO is an all-in-one terminal/printer that supports all payment processing demands of today’s merchants.

Global Gateway SM Terminal combines speed, high performance, low cost and reliability.

BankPoint® PIN Pad is secure, easy to use and fits in the palm of your hand.

Global GatewaySM 9100 is a mobile handheld terminal for point-of-sale card transactions, which enables merchants to conduct business anywhere.

Pos Value Exchange First Data™ Retail solution First Data™ Retail solution is designed to replace an electronic cash register with a point-of-sale (POS) computer system.

Pos Value Exchange Mobile Payments The Future of Mobile Payments.