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Ignite Payments
* TeleCharge

TeleCharge TeleCharge offers simple and very cost-effective access to credit card processing by providing point-of-sale processing for small office, mobile services, home-based businesses and direct marketing businesses.

* TeleCharge merchants complete a sales receipt, manually imprint the credit card slip and process a charge against the customer's bankcard through the toll-free telephone authorization line. Ignite Payments then deposits the funds directly into the merchant's checking account. Although a manual imprint is not required, merchants should keep an imprinted sales receipt for their records.

* Designed specifically for small and home-based businesses, network marketers, and sales personnel, TeleCharge offers these important benefits:
  • 24 hour, automated toll-free access
  • Very cost-effective processing fees
  • Easy approval from any touch-tone telephone
  • No equipment or software requirements
  • Selling easily from any location--no imprint or signature required